5 pounds of shredded green cabbage
3 tablespoons salt for pickling
1/4 cup juniper berries
Caraway seeds, two tablespoons
One quart of water in a clean glass jar


1) Using tongs or your hands, thoroughly combine the cabbage, salt, juniper berries, and caraway seeds in a large mixing dish. When combining with your hands, make sure they are incredibly clean.
2) Stand still for ten minutes.
3) Compactly fill a sizable plastic food container with the cabbage mixture.
4) Cover the container with a lid that fits snugly over the opening, then set a glass jar with the quart of water on top of the lid.
5) Keep overnight in a cool location (65 to 70 degrees F).

6) In a day, the cabbage should have given off enough liquid to be \scompletely immersed. The weight of the jar keeps the cabbage buried and out of the air.
7) For about two weeks, check the cabbage every other day, and if required, scrape the surface of any scum.
8) Leave for four weeks.
9) Move the finished product into an airtight container and keep it in the fridge for up to 6 months.

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