3 eggs, warmed for 5 minutes in boiling water
Salt, a pinch
1 teaspoon butter at room temperature + 1/2 teaspoon for the omelet’s final coating
One-half teaspoon of freshly chopped chives


1) Break heated eggs into a basin, season with salt, and stir with a fork.

2) In a 10-inch nonstick aluminum pan, heat the oil until it shimmers.
3) After the pan has heated up, add the butter and brush the pan’s surface.
4) Pour the eggs into the middle of the pan and whisk them quickly for 5 seconds using a rubber spatula.
5) When a semi-solid mass starts to form, raise the pan and jiggle it around until the extra liquid drains into the pan.
6) To help form the egg mixture into a circular and loosen the edge, slide your spatula along the edge.

7) Let the omelet rest in the pan without touching it for 10 seconds.
8) To remove from pan, shake pan. The pan’s far edge should be raised and then snapped back.

you’re facing. 1/3 of the omelet should be folded over using your spatula.
9) Place omelet on platter and tri-fold it by sliding it over. loosen and round the edge.
10) Top with chives and the remaining butter. Serve right away.

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